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Navigation system
The menu of this website is designed to be highly accessible, and uses clean structural code which provides context-sensitive navigation around the website.

Access keys
The first navigation area on this site contains access keys which you can use to navigate the site. Access keys provide the user with an alternative method to navigate the key pages.  On a windows computer press ALT + numbers (0-8) and cycle through the main pages.  On a mac computer use CTRL + ALT + numbers (0-8).

Site map
This site has a fully automated hierarchical sitemap which you can find linked to prominently on all pages. The site map is designed to communicate the hierarchical structure of the website and provide quick access to all pages.

Automatic HTML Titles
All pages are set to have an automatic ‘heading 1’ and page title tag. This allows you to identify quickly the purpose of a given page using assistive technology.

Prominent contact information
We have provided prominent contact information on this site in order to make ourselves available to answer any questions. We are available to help you find the information you may be looking for.

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